PrimatesPeru is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the study and conservation of the Amazon rainforest in southeastern Perú.  We raise awareness of the importance of rainforest ecosystems via a global educational outreach program.  Since fledging in 2009, our network of researchers, students, foundations, and philanthropists from around the world have helped us train over 70 students from nine countries in ecology, field biology and anthropology.  We provide practical and vital training in tropical field biology and natural history to the next generation of conservationists in the very heart of the Peruvian Amazon. Sign up here to stay in the know.


The Los Amigos Biological Field Station

We work at the Amazon Conservation Association‘s (ACA) most diverse and productive field station, El Centro de Investigación y Capacitación Río Los Amigos or CICRA, nestled in the floodplains of the Río Madre de Dios, or the River of the Mother of God.  Surrounded on all sides by logging and mining concessions, CICRA is a small haven in what is soon to be a wilderness of plundered rainforest.  Through our work at this site, we have been able to provide financial support during hard-hit times, allowing ACA to continue to offer the Conservation Concession the protection it so richly deserves.



The rainforest at the field station contains the full complement of felids, birds, amphibians and plants, encompassing over four thousand recorded species.  Five hundred and sixty five of those species are birds alone. Eleven primate species flourish at this site, and are the basis of several long-term, multifaceted research projects. Our primary interests include vision/olfaction studies, space use, parasitism and reproductive biology.  The interconnectedness of species and our insatiable curiosity have resulted in a research program that is as broad as it is intricate.


Attend a Course

Whether your interests lie with bats or bot flies, traveling palms or wandering spiders, we offer a way to experience the wonders of the Amazon first-hand.  You may gain technical experience as a volunteer for academic research, or receive training in field methods and natural history through one of our field courses.  If you simply want to take it all in, there is no better way to do so than in the company of the avid nature-lovers that comprise our team.

Important Announcements

Spaces Available for Winter Field Course

We have several spaces available for the field course in tropical biology to be held this winter at Los Amigos Biological Field Station. Applications will be accepted until November 28th, or when the course fills up. Watch this space for updates!

Scholarships for December Field Course

PrimatesPeru announces several scholarships for students to attend the December 2014 Field Course in Tropical Biology and Primatology. Applications accepted until November 1st, results announced November 15th. Please see here for details.

Take the December Field Course for Credit!

New credit options are now offered for PrimatesPeru’s December Tropical Biology Field Course – check the course page for details.

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Upcoming Events

  1. December Field Course in Tropical Biology and Primatology

    December 29, 2014 - January 11, 2015

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